Goat Farm Arts Center 1200 Foster Street, Atlanta, GA

research project (2010-2022) a compilation of detailed catalogs for social practice choreographies of a variety of species, memories, plumb lines, spirit levels, and moves; a sort of reverse archaeographer excavation attempting to access bodies, viscera, illusion and reality, all bound into one. when i arrived on the farm a long time ago i was baffled ... Read more

The Traveling Show: rural Alabama

research | residency one The Traveling Show long-term project to rural South communities various public sites and outdoor spaces, Wilcox County, Alabama We are elated to offer the first of multiple residences to this deeply spiritual community. processional choreographies along the deepest mixed forests dirt sidewalk dances on paths of love and compassion black Belt ... Read more

Barefoot Island

Cochran Mill Park

Barefoot Island is a social sculpture, an abundant oasis of blooming edible plants and public art on a small reclaimed deck that hosts a new project where people can come and pick food for free and engage in community programming at the intersection of social service, movement, and well-being. How can art function to bring ... Read more

I AM: mounds and Edens

A synthesis of bodies, movement, spoken word, and sound intertwine in a sensory space. I AM is an immersive art experience for the stage, and film, created in Atlanta. July 24-August 6, 2023 I AM is a commission of BrightStar Pictures production.

Topography of Relations: Jule Museum

Topography of Relations ( in process) Jule Museum Thursday, October 26, 11am - 8pm Auburn, AL free and public Topography of Relations forages movement to continue lauri's exploration of social choreographies as a toolbox for mapping through the regenerative environments of the Deep South. The works research alongside American artist Sam Moyer's foraging practice has strengthened our conviction to living as we do-on the edge-and a particular way ... Read more